Pittsburgh Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association

The mission of Pittsburgh's IDA chapter is to protect dark night skies bright with stars for the enjoyment of all.

Milky Way.jpg

The next meeting of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association will be at 6:30 pm on Monday, October 22, 2018, Connan Room in the Cohon University Center at Carnegie Mellon University.

Park for free after 5 pm in the East Campus Garage on Forbes Ave. Take a ticket at the entrance, then put it back in afterwards, when you leave.

The City of Pittsburgh plans to begin changing streetlights to LEDs in 2019. In the works? A new Metro21 grant at CMU to make a light pollution map of Pittsburgh, before, during and after the installation using UAVs.

We’ll also continue discussion of our various projects:

  • education and public outreach

  • local astrophotography

  • new IDAPgh website

  • comparisons of the sky in Pittsburgh from long ago until now

  • creation of attractive content for our social media (Facebook)

  • membership coordination

  • City Council meeting attendance (Schedule)

  • radio interviews of members

  • children’s light pollution book

  • analysis of eight years of Allegheny Observatory All-Sky camera data (to put a number to the increase of light pollution in the city)

  • taking nighttime data of Pittsburgh uplights with a weather balloon (possibly with Pitt Shadow Bandits)

  • ISS astronaut photos of Pittsburgh at night

  • using phone apps to measure skyglow all over the city (Dark Sky Meter for iPhone users, Loss of Night for Android users)

  • asking an astronaut to visit Pittsburgh and speak about what the night side of Earth looks like from above (Request Guidelines)